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Mission goals

strengthen families

Strengthen Families

Families, in their most ideal form, should stand as a unit to face whatever life throws at them. Instead, many families today are being pulled apart and destroyed by the very dangers they should be facing together. We want to help each family repair, build, and enhance their own foundation; strengthen them so that they neither crumble from within nor from outside forces. This isn't a one time fix, but an ongoing battle to repair the foundation from the storms of life.
build relationships

Build Relationships

Life is full of relationships. Whether you're a parent, spouse, sister or brother, friend, boss or co-worker, you've no doubt experienced the highs and lows of thriving friendships to struggling rivalries. Love Loudly offers talks, workshops, tools and training to point out common places we trip up in our relationships and offers solutions in repairing them and in building them better for the future.
teach love

Teach Love

At the heart of it all is love. Every ill we know is generated from its opposite, fear. In order to build relationships and strengthen families, we must focus on love: what is it, truly, and how do we show it? Otherwise, fear is destined to continue its plague. New ground, along with its yield, will not be gained if we only use fear to control our actions and dialogue.

it begins with
this book

Love Loudly is an award-winning finalist in the Parenting & Family category of the 2013 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.
“My kid won’t listen to me,” parents complain to L.A. County Deputy Sheriff, Mark Cripe. But Cripe knows better. For over fourteen years, Cripe has helped troubled youth and their parents learn new ways to communicate and repair long-damaged relationships.

Kids do listen to their parents, Mark says, but too often, what kids hear is the parents’ frustration and anger, not what those emotions are fueled by: fear. And certainly not what is at the base of most parents’ motivation: love.

It’s not easy being a kid these days. Today’s teenagers navigate a tricky path on the road to adulthood. They face the constant temptations of alcohol, drugs, sex and even affluenza. And with the ability to instantly post an action on social media, one small mistake can get millions of views.

It’s not easy being a parent these days either. We see those landmines and want to warn our kids, help them learn from our experience. But the louder we talk—or yell—and the more frustrated we get, the less they seem to listen. But maybe there’s a different way.

Mark shares his experiences growing up in a dysfunctional family. With an insider’s view, he takes us to the heart of the child, the one who hears only too keenly the negative comments we intentionally or unwittingly make. As Mark begins his own work with at-risk kids, he realizes certain essential truths that many parents and teachers miss when they are in conflict situations with kids.

Step by step, Mark explains and defines a new way of perceiving our kids’ actions and motivations, and the devastating cost that comes from parents lashing out with anger and frustration, instead of understanding. For parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, neighbors, or anyone who wants to connect with kids, this book provides the blueprint for taking the steps back and forward to ensure kids know that they matter.

If you’re struggling to communicate with your kids, the answer isn’t to talk loudly, it’s to love loudly.
love loudly: lessons in family crisis, communication, and hope
Sergeant Cripe’s voice is an articulate blend of experience and expertise, culminating in teachable moments for youth advocates and multidisciplinary professionals. Readers will be moved by emotion, leading them to constructive action for children. Love Loudly provides insight into a world where so many adults need to venture so all children are heard and respected. All children deserve to receive Love Loudly and Sergeant Cripe provides us with the critical insight needed to reach children, especially when they appear “unreachable.”
This is not a book written by some behavioral PhD or child psychologist looking for more speaking engagements. This is a hard walk through the trenches in the battles we all face as parents. The stories are raw and real, sometimes heartbreak- ing and sometimes joyful. But if we’re honest, kids and parents are sometimes heartbreaking one moment and joyful the next. Cripe takes us through it all with grace and a humility that is missing from every other treatment on the subject. This is not a parenting book but a memoir from a man who has raised three excellent kids of his own plus hundreds of others through the VIDA program. My only regret is not reading this before raising my own four kids.
Sergeant Mark Cripe has a very unique insight coming from years of education, training, and real life experience, both as a valued member of law enforcement and that of an ordinary father, husband, and law-abiding citizen. From the moment you open his book one immediately senses his understanding, support, and commitment to the welfare, hopes, and dreams of other parents and their relationships with their children. Love Loudly shares Mark’s insights, skills, and abilities with others in this most difficult aspect of our world. I know, I have witnessed this first hand myself.
In my fifteen years as a teacher and advocate of at-risk students, Mark is one of the most empathetic, compassionate, understanding, and genuine people I have had the pleasure to work with. He has such an incredible way of using experiences from his life’s journey to relate to those he works with, teaches, and comes in contact with. The two most powerful emotions we have are love and fear. This book can be used as a seedling to assist and develop your emotional tree one branch at a time.
Sergeant Mark Cripe, LASD, has written a gripping book that all parents, parenting instructors, and youth should read. It is a “through the looking glass” account of one man’s journey to becoming one of the “good ones” who work with at-risk youth (all youth) and their parents, teaching them to have meaningful, healthy relationships with others, especially the ones they love most, and to have useful insight and tools for a successful journey.

This account tells how we can sort our “baggage” to identify the important tools we have attained in life and use those tools to heal what may have first appeared as a fatal wreck, helping to make whole what was thought to be lost.
This book opens your eyes to the dynamic blindness that has captured us through- out the years. It earnestly places you in different perspectives and makes you think “what would I do?” It is important that we take a hard look at ourselves and begin the meticulous process of making effective changes in our lives, our loved ones, and humanity.
The single largest epidemic of our time is the destruction of our children. Unfortunately, this disease is being created by parents. If you want to immunize your family from the disaster of failed love and connection in your childhood, then Mark Cripe has finally shared the answer. Admitting that men can be tough, even when frightened and confused, Mark takes the understanding of the “angry 60s parenting model” to real healing family connection. Thank God for this insight. Our children might have hope for solid families.
Mark has an incisive ability to tap that part of truth that is real to us all . . . as a result, he gently encourages us to live to this potential in all aspects of our lives . . . the humbling reality is made easy by his engaging ability to touch what is right in us long enough for us to remember that it is important and needs our attention.

it continues
with teaching

For Mark, founder of Love Loudly, the need and the desire to teach people to love louder arose from knowing and seeing the absence of love. From growing up in an abusive home, to working jails, patrolling streets, and helping families in crisis all while employed by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, the product of fear and all its effects is plainly and sadly clear—anger, violence, anxiety, depression, addictions, and suicide. In experiencing those lows, a zeal to show the world that this isn’t all of what life has to offer was born.

After struggling with how exactly to accomplish that mission, the movement finally began to take a step towards defining itself with the writing and publishing of Love Loudly: Lessons in Family Crisis, Communication, and Hope. It offered a way to centralize some of the concerns that continue to arise from environments atrophied from a lack of love and communicate strategies to illustrate and amplify the ways we can bring love back into our own surroundings.

To continue on this path, Mark teaches that anyone can make a difference in this life. Through Love Loudly, he's developed workshops and courses, given talks, and designed wilderness adventure trips to facilitate a deeper understanding of how love and fear affect us daily and explores what we can do to change it here and now.

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Author and founder Mark C. Cripe is available to give talks covering a range of topics. Digital sessions are also available. Topics include:
• Building Unity within Groups
• Rethinking Parenting
• Teen Intervention & Redirection
• Juvenile Intervention Programs
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Our workshops cover a range of topics and include tools and insight to immediately change the way you approach relationships. Topics include:
• Fear & Love
• Communication
• Understanding Behaviors
• Ability vs Desire
• Human Needs
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Adventure Trips

Adventure trips are workshops-in-the-wild; concepts and teachings of our workshops applied through wilderness adventure challenges and activities. These trips are designed for teams and groups.
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